5 Unique Tourist Places near Manchester [2023]

5 Unique Things To Do In And Around Manchester

Explore Manchester!

Manchester, where everyone is warmly welcomed, is one of the fascinating locations to visit in the UK. The Greater Manchester boroughs surrounding Manchester offer a patchwork of visitor experiences, including charming market towns, traditional pubs, and lovely green spaces and waterways to be explored on foot or by bike. With excellent transportation options both within and outside of Greater Manchester. We’ve put together a list of locations you can visit while in Manchester to help you decide to fill your free time that comes under the category of tourist places near me.

Manchester Art Gallery 

The Manchester Art Gallery was the first practical museum founded in 1823 by artists as a learning center to ensure that the city and its residents improved imagination, creativity, health, and productivity.

The gallery encourages the use of art to bring about social change and is free and accessible to everyone.

It was founded as the Royal Manchester Institution for the Promotion of Literature, Science, and the Arts and has been a proud member of Manchester City Council since1882, occupying a central position in city life for almost 200 years. Manchester residents are both in and of the gallery. All of our constituents are engaged through its collections, exhibitions, and public programs to ensure.

One of the best art museums and tourist places in the nation is Manchester Art Gallery. To give well-known images new perspectives, generate visual conversations, and promote discussion and debate, they combine pieces from exquisite historical collections with the best worldwide contemporary art.

They welcome over half a million visitors annually, a blend of historic and contemporary architecture that echoes their innovative artistic program. Through their exhibitions and events, they offer extraordinary encounters with brilliant art.

View their extensive fine art collection, which spans six centuries and includes many significant modern and contemporary works. Their remarkable collection of Pre-Raphaelite art is one of the reasons we are renowned for 19th-century paintings. Their decorative arts collections present the creativity, aesthetic preferences, and production methods of all times and places, from prehistoric societies to contemporary designer-makers. They have outstanding collections of ceramics, silver, glass, furniture, and costume companies. You would learn something new each time you visit because they regularly update and replenish their collection displays.

While you are visiting Manchester, this would be the most suitable tourist place for you hat would come under the category of places to visit near me, if you have a passion for art.

Etihad Stadium

Manchester City F.C. calls the City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester, England, the Etihad Stadium. The first level of the CityStore at the Stadium serves as the starting point for all tours. This comprehensive behind-the-scenes tour of Manchester City F.C.’s Etihad Stadium, which lasts about 90 minutes, is ideal for sports lovers and provides an inside look at this vital arena. Visit the locker rooms, enter the field through the tunnel, and take pictures in the press room. Your guide will also share exciting anecdotes, stories, and facts along the route.

Make your way to Etihad Stadium, the venue where Manchester City F.C. plays soccer, and peruse the interactive exhibits there, a behind-the-scenes tour.Visit the home dressing rooms and go through the tunnel onto the field in the footsteps of great players like Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, and Joe Hart.Imagine yourself in Pep Guardiola’s (the team’s current manager) shoes as you watch the game from the manager’s dugout, pose for pictures in the press room, and listen to your tour guide regale you with football trivia and insider knowledge.

At least 15 minutes before the tour’s departure, you must report for the tour. All trips are translated into several languages using the most up-to-date media guides. French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese are among the available tongues. On days when there are no games, parking is free near The Etihad Stadium. The Blue car park, marked with signs around the Stadium, offers free parking. If you love football and want to learn more about Etihad Stadium, go there and take a tour. This is one one the most exciting tourist place that comes under the category of tourist spots near me.


A cutting-edge vertical wind tunnel powers IFLY Manchester, a top indoor skydiving facility. Where, with the assistance of a trainer, you’ll experiment with free-fall situations. Experience the exhilaration of ski jumping without jumping from a plane with this indoor skydiving experience in Manchester. It is far more affordable. You will be given all required equipment, and after the incident, you will be given a certificate. Using cutting-edge virtual reality headgear, you can combine an indoor skydive with the exhilaration of an airplane’s simulated “actual” skydive.

They provide flights roughly 1.5 times longer than a tandem jump and match the skydiving experience. Each flight lasts approximately 60 seconds, maybe a little longer, and never less than 50 seconds. A double flight lasts for roughly 120 seconds. Although it might not seem long, a first-time flier will likely perceive it to be considerably longer during the actual flight.

Any age or skill level can fly. You should consult your doctor before flying if you have a history of neck, back, or heart issues or have ever experienced a shoulder dislocation or other shoulder injury. All passengers are required to show up 45 minutes before their trip. They operate a manifest similarly to how you would anticipate an airline to. Therefore, arriving early, taking a drink, and unwinding is preferable while giving yourself plenty of time to deal with any unforeseen parking problems, highway closures, or delays. Come to IFLY if you’re in Manchester and want an exciting experience. One of the nearest tourist place around you.

Royal Exchange Theatre

The Royal Exchange Theatre has been a center of excellent storytelling for Manchester and the UK for almost forty years, and there are even more thrilling times to come! We are a prestigious production company that supports, commissions, and produces work with ambitious concepts, forms, and scales. Winner of 2016 Regional Theatre of the Year. Step inside and participate in one of the city’s most stunning buildings. The 760 seats were strategically arranged around the auditorium to provide views from every direction. Thanks to the innovative design, none are farther than nine meters from the circular stage.

They are passionate about demonstrating that Theatre is accessible to all people. With audiences and communities at the center of what they do, they are situated in the middle of a bustling, expanding global city. They have received praise from critics for their “brave and audacious” programming, both on and off their stages, for its creativity, relevance, and creative risk. They have developed an international reputation for providing the most compelling stories to audiences thanks to their famous theatre-in-the-round. The Great Hall, which houses The Round restaurant, Bar Exchange, the Education Lounge and workshops, the Information Point, the Mezzanine Gallery displays, and Friday nights’ free entertainment SPECIAL FX, surrounds the Theatre. Additionally, they are open on Sundays! With brunch provided in our Great Hall cafe and complimentary daytime entertainment.

The Royal Exchange is once again open during the daytime in addition to being open for performances. The Rivals Café will be open from 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. In the meantime, our visitor experience team member will be available to assist with ticket questions. 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance, and you can take your seats in the theatre auditorium. Please ensure your phone is on mute once seated in the hall. During the performance, photography and video are prohibited. This will be an ideal tourist place to visit while you are in manchester if you are interested in Theater.

The O2 Apollo Manchester

The O2 Apollo Manchester, which opened on August 29, 1938, is one of England’s top musical venues, hosting performances by all of the ultimate rock, pop, and comedy acts now on the road. The variety of event types caters to every market, from the most cutting-edge contemporary British music to some of the most significant international comedians and music for older audiences. This adaptable facility annually grows its attendance and presentations by offering fully seated and partially standing formats. The Grade II listed structure, Art Deco in design, has served as a hub for the British touring circuit for many years and has garnered awards for Best Venue and supporters worldwide.

They offer bars and a cloakroom where you can store your belongings, and if you’re visiting them for the first time, ask one of their kind employees to point you in the right direction. As aren’t many cloakrooms available, pack as few as possible if you do, make sure the bag is compact (laptop size or small handbag). Their authorized booking partner is Ticketmaster. Call them or make a reservation online. The O2 Ritz Manchester’s box office is open from noon to 2 PM, Monday through Friday, so you can also make a reservation in person. On bank holidays, opening hours will vary, so be sure to double-check.

If you are a huge music fan, this is of the best tourist places near Manchester . So if you are visiting Manchester, book your tickets now.


Following London, Manchester is the most popular destination in the United Kingdom for foreign visitors. Manchester’s city center teems with distinctive and eccentric eateries, bars, boutiques, galleries, museums, and lodging options. Manchester has something to offer whatever age, money, race, gender, or interest. There are about 123 attractions for tourists in Greater Manchester.

To make your time in Manchester exciting and memorable, we’ve listed the top tourist places to visit. So do visit these places that come under the category of places to visit near me.

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