5 Unique Outdoor Activities in London You Won’t Want to Miss

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The world designated London as the first National Park City in 2019 due to its abundance of parks, forests, nature preserve, canals, and rivers. There are many outdoor activities in London, thanks to the abundance of greenery. Now is a terrific time to enjoy the great outdoor activities. With our list of 5 best outdoor activities in London to complete this summer, you can get your fill of fresh air.

Up at The O2 Climb

Make your way to The O2, close to the North Greenwich Station tube stop. Enjoy breathtaking views of London by completing an adventurous outdoor climb over The O2’s famed roof. The O2 is 52 meters high and has a 30-degree rise and dip. You must finish the climb after you’ve begun it.

Meet your experienced climbing guide and group of fellow thrill-seekers. In addition to housing several dining establishments and entertainment venues, the 170-foot (52-meter). Fit yourself for a harness, climb suit, boots, and latch. After the briefing, lock into the safety system and start the up to 30-degree challenging ascent. To see a 360-degree view of London, including the north and south banks of the flowing River Thames, climb to the top of the dome. View the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Canary Wharf towers, and the Greenwich historic gardens.

The descent also brings joy; you’re not finished yet. Back at base camp, your experience comes to a safe conclusion.

A 90-minute experience at The O2 is one you won’t soon forget. So, if you enjoy outdoor adventures, schedule your climb right now on their website.

Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre

Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre provides water sports and adventurous activities. There are many ways to get involved, and they are open to everyone.

They have the perfect setup to offer thrilling Watersports for people of all abilities, thanks to our unique location on one of London’s historic docks and our access to the River Thames’ swift current.

Besides water-based activities, they offer climbing sessions on their High Ropes course and climbing wall, as well as mountain biking for young people.

The center is dedicated to maintaining the activities’ accessibility for all people and the affordability of their training and usage of the facilities and equipment. Staff members with nationally recognized credentials oversee all operations. On weekends, the center provides a variety of beginner programs in activities like kayaking, sailing, climbing, and high ropes. For groups, there are also custom rowing programs available. A course program leads to Royal Yachting Association Awards, such as dinghy sailing levels 1 through 3 and powerboat level 2 for people who want to advance their sailing and powerboating skills. Both the protected waters of the Basin and the River Thames’ more difficult environment are used in these courses.

If you’re interested, sign up right away for their wide range of activities including boating, sailing, climbing, and other outdoor pursuits.

London Friday Night Skate

Free weekly marshaled street skating events are held in central London on Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll, one of the things to do outside. They don’t have a political or commercial motive, and volunteers manage their activities. The London Friday Night Skate is a ten- to fifteen-mile street skate across London. Every Friday at 8 p.m., the LFNS leaves from Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. Every Sunday at 2:00 p.m., the Sunday Stroll leaves from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. Both depend on the weather and announce if a skate runs a few hours before the scheduled start.

All skaters who can stop, turn, and regulate their speed on slopes are eligible to compete in these events. The LFNS is quicker, more technically challenging, and may include sprints and hills, whereas the Sunday Stroll is a leisurely, slow-paced skate. They accept both quad (or “roller skate”) and inline (or “roller-blade”) skaters.

Children are allowed with an adult who will take them home if required. Typically, mid-week is when route information is published. LFNS operates entirely for skating enjoyment. The skates are staffed fully by volunteers, and participation is entirely free. Skating is one of the outdoor things to do near me, which is free of cost.

The Dare Skywalk

Have you ever traveled 46.8 meters above ground on a glass walkway? No? If so, this is your opportunity! They promise you will be filled with delight and exhilaration as you ride it to the edge of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and take in the fantastic view of London. The Dare Skywalk is a singular London journey that heightens anticipation and puts one’s nerves to the test. Its name is derived from the Club’s philosophy, “To Dare Is To Do,” and it tries to test the brave at each exciting stop, delivering a unique sense of accomplishment when the dare is accomplished. Picture the state-of-the-art stadium from above for a full 360-degree view of the famous London skyline.

The professional staff climb guide will give you thorough instructions, and you’ll also obtain a climbing outfit, specific shoes, and safety gear. With a knowledgeable climb guide, you will scale the height of the capital’s newest landmarks.

You can shoot stunning pictures on the roof of the largest club stadium in London. Still, a professional photographer will also record your singular experience while you take in an aerial perspective of the stadium’s pitch. You’ll get a chance to toast your bravery with a prosecco on the roof. The tour takes about 90 minutes to complete. Children are also welcome to join along on this tour. This would be one of the biggest outdoor adventures, so do try it.


ScooTours provide tours across the UK using various micro-mobility tools, such as e-bikes and e-scooters. They were the first company in the UK to offer guided tours on electric scooters. They are proud to offer unique experiences by merging the worlds of micro-mobility and guided tours. ScooTours think riding around the streets on two wheels is the only way to see the sights.

It’s a brand-new, eco-friendly method of seeing the tourist spots in London. There are various options, so pick the one that best suits you. One of the best outdoor activities in London. The firm organizes all the tours utilizing bike-friendly roads and cycling pathways, so you need not worry about the safety of the routes. They provide a safety education before the tour begins. Additionally, a helmet will be given to you. Additionally, bike tours are also offered.

The average length is 2.5 hours, and the costs start at £35.00.

Please be aware that there is an age restriction for the tours. A driver’s license is necessary, and you must be older than 18. From Wednesday through Sunday, tours are offered. This would be the one if you wanted a traditional sightseeing trip with a little bit of pace. So go on a ScooTour now for an outdoor adventure.


The most well-liked tourist spots on Earth are in London. Millions of tourists choose London as their destination each year due to its rich history, an abundance of tourist attractions, and a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and cafes. You may find whatever you can think of in the capital, the city of opportunities. Particularly now, when everyone is looking for outside socializing activities. These days, the most excellent time to enjoy exciting outdoor activities in London is now. Therefore, we have listed the top five outdoor activities near me that you can do.

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