The Ultimate List of Famous Dubai Restaurants for Every Budget

The Ultimate List of Famous Dubai Restaurants for Every Budget

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Dubai has many incredible meals to explore, from delicious street food to elegant fine dining. It’s not all opulent eating here, despite what you may have heard about things like gold-dusted burgers and the like; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s not accessible if you want a big dinner. There is top-notch food from renowned chefs, from discreet sushi bars to upscale French landmarks. Dubai has one of the most excellent culinary scenes in the world. Here are 7 of the most excellent and famous Dubai restaurants regardless of whether you want to splurge or are on a tight budget.


Indochine mixes distinctive French-Vietnamese cuisine with a chic atmosphere and tropical furnishings. The New York institution, which has hosted regulars like Madonna and Andy Warhol, opened its doors in Dubai to a rousing ovation.


With its French colonial interiors of fresh whites, rattan, and palm leaf greens, the French-Vietnamese is a welcome addition to Dubai’s diverse eating scene. Try the rice noodle, chicken, shrimp, and shiitake mushroom Vietnamese ravioli, a specialty of the Dubai location, and the Lamb Char Siu, a slow-cooked lamb neck with a honey sauce.

Private events

The Private Dining Room is a dynamic place for special occasions, business parties, and private meetings, ideal for big groups of 10–20 people. It is rightfully sought to host some of the trendiest events in Dubai. Make a reservation at Indochine, one of the top-rated and famous Dubai restaurants.

3 Fils

This famous Dubai restaurant in Jumeirah Fishing Harbor has had tremendous success. There are many things to enjoy about this modest restaurant. Still, despite its diminutive size, it’s unquestionably one of the finest in Dubai for informal eating. It’s low-key, comfortable, friendly, and reasonable.


Chef Akmal Anuar spent ten years working at his parents’ hawker stall and is the restaurant’s creator. The restaurant is small and unassuming, similar to Singapore’s, yet it serves fantastic meals. The sushi is given without soy sauce since the fish quality is so high. You may anticipate Asian-inspired tapas meals like spiced barbecue marinated lamb ribs, scallop carpaccio with mandarin orange, sumac, and spicy beef tartare on toast. If you enjoy sweets, visit its little sister Brix for creative truffles, bonbons, cakes, and desserts after dinner.

Private event

You can customize your bespoke menu to serve your visitors. Additionally, they provide ideal options for any occasion, including parties and workplace meetings. They can feed and comfortably accommodate more than 100 guests for the many. The 3FILS crew treats you like family and is there any time you need them, giving away the feeling that a “personal waiter is serving you.” They’ll add comfort, exploration, and sharing to your eating experience.

Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

The love and talent of REIF are what fuel this culinary art process. The strength of REIF Japanese Kushiyaki lies in the fusion of two contradictory universes. Like with all art, it’s not only about developing a relationship with the artist; it’s also about developing a relationship with the artist’s ever-evolving and surprising body of work. Japanese kushiyaki at REIF is an experience rather than a restaurant.


This menu’s flagship item is kushiyaki, a bamboo skewer types popular in Singaporean and Japanese street cuisine. There are 14 variations available, ranging from chicken to escargot. Othman owns and runs this famous Dubai restaurant, so if you go, expect to see him in the kitchen, which attracts more foodies to the area. There will likely be a line because this ultra-hip, low-key restaurant only has seating for 29 people. It will be worthwhile, especially if you’re chowing down on his famed buttery wagyu sando or silky smooth ramen.

If you enjoy sweets, you should also check out the chef’s dessert shop, Kushi by Reif, located in the Nakheel Mall. Popular items include the yuzu éclair and tiramisu boba. Cakes are among the city’s most exciting treats since they are creative, delectable, and plentiful.

TERO Chef’s Table

Reif Othman’s renowned “omakase” tasting menu, known as Chef’s Table, is offered in the quaint, four-seat kitchen bar at his flagship Reif Japanese Kushiyaki restaurant in Dar Wasl Mall.

The Japanese custom of allowing the chef to create and prepare a custom menu for diners is known as omakase. Chef Reif and the head chefs at TERO – Chef’s Table experiment with their signature unorthodox Far-Eastern cuisine in a classy new way.

Immerse yourself in a dining experience where the master chefs at Reif Japanese Kushiyaki create an eight or 12-course surprise meal based on the culinary theme of the month.

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

The Il Borro estate, which belongs to the Ferragamo family and has a history dating back over a thousand years, is one of the most desirable resorts in the world. The estate’s concept is centered on maintaining its traditions and rich heritage while adhering to moral standards through protecting the environment and encouraging environmentally friendly decisions.

Suppose you want to feel festive and romantic in the winter and relax in the outdoor eating area next to the turtle lagoon. In that case, you should visit Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, one of the most famous Dubai restaurants.


The food is a contemporary take on Tuscan classics, using only the best ingredients and, when appropriate, Il Borro products like honey, extra-virgin organic olive oil, and certain vegetables from the restaurant’s organic farm, “Orto del Borro.” An accurate depiction of Tuscan grape varietals, it also has a well-chosen wine selection that includes all Il Borro wines.

Private Dining

Their private dining area is available for stand-up events, boardroom meetings, sit-down lunches, and dinners. Guests may enjoy a customized culinary experience while being caressed by a soft wind in the room’s gorgeous outdoor dining area. With our vibrant environment and genuine Italian experience, they elevate private dining in Dubai to a new level.


Hotspot Gaia is Chef Izu, a local her dedication,’s to Greece. The man is calm, and Gaia is only one of his exquisite famous Dubai restaurants. The restaurant has garnered several accolades, including “restaurant of the year in 2019” from Esquire Middle East.


The GAIA meal, created by culinary professionals Chef Izu Ani and Chef Orestis, is filled with flavor and memories. Each recipe exemplifies the spirit of Greek-Mediterranean cuisine by combining traditional flavors, fresh ingredients, and the ease of home cooking. Gaia’s meals are presented in layers and combine classic flavors, fresh ingredients, and the simplicity of home cooking.

Private Dining

A private Chef’s Table is on GAIA’s lower floor, just outside the kitchen. The table, with its twelve chairs, was intended to create an intimate atmosphere. It is encircled by white stone walls embellished with copper pans and lovely accents.


Nammos, a well-liked addition to Dubai’s beach club scene, is a native of Mykonos, a famous Dubai restaurant and beach location.


The restaurant offers mouthwatering delicacies like its hot king crab tartar with yuzu truffle and its calamari with hummus, ginger, and lemon olive oil on its Mediterranean meets Asian menu. It’s a terrific idea to start with their burrata, served with four kinds of tomatoes, avocado, grilled asparagus, and olive oil. The music ranges from party oldies to mellow house music. If you want a chic, entertaining, and leisurely meal, head to Nammos.

Private Dining

NAMMOS Dubai delivers incredibly glamorous and joyful times. You may reserve their space for special events and occasions to provide your guests with top-notch, unique services that exceed their expectations. Make a reservation at Nammos, one of the best famous Dubai restaurants.

LPM restaurant and bar

LPM is a Dubai institution that both residents and visitors adore. Consistency is an attribute that is frequently disregarded at this exquisitely sophisticated restaurant.


Every meal offered at LPM tries to create a bite of cuisine you will remember and can’t get anywhere else. This is an exploration of the natural, fresh, delicate intensity that lies at the core of the components of the Riviera. It’s also fun cuisine that will make you grin. Put the plates in the center and follow the ingredients as they lead.


The Riviera likewise inspires their drinks. It is a sheer delight to use one’s imagination to stimulate all the senses and go against expectations since they are created with the same care and perfection as their kitchen.

Unquestionably, fine homes and renowned wines. Allow them to lead you, nevertheless, to a unique location. Above all, lesser-known, smaller vineyards with intriguing histories and some magnificent rosés that dance with the meals on their menu.


While most cities’ luxury dining scenes change frequently, few do so as swiftly as Dubai, an emirate constantly changing. The gastronomic and aesthetic standards of famous Dubai restaurants are of the highest caliber, and many have stunning views of the city or the sea. To simplify your planning, we have compiled a list of our favorite hangouts organized by cuisine. We hope you enjoyed our selection of Dubai’s Best Restaurants.

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