The Ultimate Foodie Guide: 12 Places to Eat in Miami

The Ultimate Foodie Guide 12 Places to Eat in Miami

Explore Miami!

Miami is a popular tourist destination located in the southeastern part of Florida, USA. Known for its warm and sunny climate, Miami offers various activities for tourists, such as beaches, nightlife, food, and shopping. With the increasing number of places to eat at in Miami, it can be hard to decide what to choose. The best dinner restaurants in Miami are listed below:

Zitz Sum

Zitz Sum opened in 2020. It has gained popularity in Miami. The restaurant has received recognition, including nominations for the Best New Restaurant JAMES BEARD Award and a Bib Gourmand designation from The Michelin Guide in 2022. A building in Coral Gables, Florida houses the Asian-inspired restaurant Zitz Sum.

The menus at Zitz Sum are inspired by our travels. We love the fusion of Japanese and Italian flavors. Our passion is for dumplings and everything charcoal-grilled. Zitz Sum is not a fusion restaurant. It is a collection of experiences and moments depicted on an Asian restaurant’s backdrop.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Ahmet Erkaya and Anastasia Koutsioukis are a husband and wife duo. They developed the Greek eatery Mandolin Aegean Bistro. The restaurant debuted in Miami in 2009. They renovated a 1940s house with one of Miami’s most famous gardens and outdoor patio areas. Every little detail counts.

The duo elevated Miami’s culinary landscape by fusing their respective cultures and enthusiastic hospitality.

As soon as you approach the blue gates and pass through the bougainvillea, the tavernas along the Aegean coastal towns transport you instantly. The community welcomes you with a warm drench of genuine Mediterranean hospitality as you delight in the flavors and customs of the Aegean.

Ghee Indian Kitchen – Downtown Dadeland

One of the very first Indian cuisine restaurants in Miami was founded by Chef Niven. Born in the South to traditional Indian parents, Chef Niven became inspired to cook when he was a child, composing menus for his family and featuring dishes he would prepare. He always enjoyed satisfying their taste buds as they would savor his creations. The restaurant’s emphasis on locally sourced produce, most of which Niven grows on his farm in Homestead, indeed helped Ghee Indian Kitchen – Downtown Dadeland become one of the best places to eat at in Miami.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Fresh seasonal food and friendly service are the cornerstones of the thriving neighborhood restaurant Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. The main dining room’s vitality is evident as soon as you enter. The open kitchen is the center of the action, with the chefs rushing around and stoking the fires of the wood oven while whole fish, poultry, veggies, and pizzas come flying in and out. Select a table or inviting booth inside, or sit in the courtyard’s sparkling sunlight. Whether for lunch, supper, or a midday break, their warm bar is always a welcoming option. On a savory and sweet menu that changes every week, Sunday brunch is where the small plates shine – it’s the perfect, memorable way to spend the last day of the weekend.

Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun is a cozy eatery and cocktail bar that concentrates on raw seafood and pasta. The dining space and bar are almost exactly split in half due to the small layout of the Jaguar Sun. It is, therefore, perfect for groups of two to four people. Each of the tiny pasta pillows offers a combination of sweet and savory flavors that will cause you to lose your ability to talk for nearly three seconds. They are loaded with blue crab, maize, and saffron. Jaguar Sun is home to one of Miami’s best martinis, which you can sip slowly at the square bar. The various other cocktails are all exceptional as well.

LPM Restaurant & Bar

One of Nice’s most famous restaurants has found its way to Miami. The beautiful ambiance, friendly service & quality ingredients make for an unforgettable experience! A trip to LPM is a celebration of how the right combination of cuisine, beverages, individuals, and atmosphere can produce something special. The cultural roots on the Mediterranean coast have served as the inspiration for every aspect. The French flair and famous Niçoise cuisine make LPM one of the best places to eat at in Miami.


Leku, a spectacular Basque restaurant in a museum setting, offers the culinary delights of Spain’s alluring Côte Basque area.

A distinguished multinational team of seasoned restaurant and hospitality professionals administer it. They know the caliber of quality required to operate a prosperous fine-dining institution. The designers have thoughtfully chosen Leku’s design aesthetic to evoke the atmosphere of a gallery restaurant, making it an extension of the Rubell Museum.

Leku is one of the best dinner restaurants in Miami if you are looking for Spanish cuisine.

Luca Osteria

It is situated along the pedestrian-only Giralda Plaza. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli gives you Luca Osteria, a restaurant he designed to honor his family’s history and their passion for authentic Italian food. The Chopped champion reinvents Italian classics using a haphazard combination of ingredients and methods that result in elegant and unexpected new dishes. It is a must to bring up Luca Osteria in a discussion about “Miami’s best pasta”. The Coral Gables restaurant boasts plenty of roomy outside seating and a modest, light dining room perfect for a date, supper with the parents, or relaxing at the bar with a negroni and some marinated olives.

Sanguich de Miami

What began as a small shipping container in 2017 evolved into this Little Havana hotspot with brick and mortar.

The tiny Calle Ocho eatery makes six different sandwiches with 25 seats. They assemble all sandwiches in a line and smear them with rendered hog fat before pressing them into crisp triangles. They prepare many sandwich ingredients, including the ham and pickles, on-site, which makes a difference. As soon as you take a mouthful, you can taste the difference. People regard Sanguich de Miami as one of the best dinner restaurants in Miami if you are looking for Cuban sandwiches.

Old Greg’s Pizza

Old Greg’s, a pop-up restaurant serving sourdough pizza, has progressed to a permanent location. Ordering from Old Greg’s was somewhat of a challenge back when they were a pop-up restaurant during the pandemic. In addition to wine, beer, and various salads, the counter-service location offers first-come, first-served service. No need for a reservation or dressy attire because this place is informal, making it a terrific place to gather with some buddies to drink wine and eat too much pizza. Being a Miami original, Old Greg’s is one of the top places to eat at in Miami.

Café La Trova

With their artisanal, handcrafted cocktails, the internationally renowned Julio Cabrera and his crew of Cantineros bring to life the vintage Cuban ambiance. Chef Michelle Bernstein, a recipient of the James Beard Award, contributes her culinary expertise with a modern interpretation of Cuban-inspired meals. In the background, you have experienced authentic Trova musicians performing live music as you immerse yourself in Miami’s Cuban culture. The old-Cuba style fits right in with Little Havana’s nostalgia-tinged nightlife scene. If you are visiting Miami for the first time, going to Café La Trova is a must! No one will be disappointed; even the teenage grandchildren enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

Stubborn Seed

Blending unwavering dedication with an unapologetic mentality led to the creation of Stubborn Seed, a seafood restaurant. It seeks to awaken palate appetites while creating a reward in every bite. This way of thinking raises straightforward elements to magnificent elegance via a strict and consistent application. Chef Jeremy Ford, the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13, is in charge of this restaurant. The 32-year-old chef, who is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, fell in love with food when he was 14 years old after meeting his maternal grandmother. Stubborn Seed delivers a great Atmosphere, location, and service. The food consists of oysters, clams, ducks, swordfish, and more. All eight dishes are well-balanced, have excellent presentation, and are delicious! It is a place you will definitely come back to. Definitely, a recommended places to eat at in Miami.


In conclusion, there are a plethora of dining options in Miami, making it difficult to pick the best restaurant. The best dinner restaurants in Miami, however, each offer something distinctive, from Mandolin Aegean Bistro’s traditional Mediterranean fare to Zitz Sum’s Asian-inspired meals. Miami’s restaurant scene provides something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for Indian food or some delicious seafood. Take your pick from this list and enjoy some of the best meals Miami has to offer, whether you’re a visitor or a local.

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