5 Renowned Manchester Cafes You Don’t Want To Miss [2023]

5 Renowned Manchester Cafes You Don't Want To Miss

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Manchester’s cafe culture is thriving more than ever. The same might be said of the city’s coffee, where it may be challenging to strike the ideal balance between a drink’s strength, flavor, and temperature. This city’s coffee cafes have you covered whether you want a single-origin pour-over or a silky flat white. Here is our list of the five best restaurants that come under the category of best coffee shops near me in Manchester.

Ezra & Gil

It offers a modern urban setting for coffee beverages and a selection of creative light fare. Ezra & Gil opened its doors in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Center in 2014 to create a cafe where people could gather for fantastic food, coffee, dessert, and cupboard essentials. Ezra, which means “Helper,” and Gil, which means “Happiness,” are evolutionary concepts in urban coffee and cafe culture.

You can always count on Ezra & Gil. A great modern cafe with lovely décor and plants makes for an ideal setting overall. The staff is well-groomed and courteous. Even during peak hours, the food is excellent and is delivered hot, fresh, and quickly. They have different variety of food on their menu for brunch. In addition, they provide a variety of salads, different kinds of pasta and sandwiches. They use high sanitation practices in their kitchen and serve vegan-friendly meals and gluten- and dairy-free alternatives.

Fantastic coffee and excellent service are two of Ezra & Gil’s best qualities. Even when no tables are available and customers must wait in line, they all agree that waiting is worthwhile. If you want a delicious breakfast or an excellent cup of coffee, this cafe must be at the top of your list whether you are a resident or just visiting Manchester.

Idle Hands Manchester 

Next on our list of cafes under the category of coffee shops near me comes Idle Hands. Idle Hands is a coffee shop that bakes pies, serves delicious brunch food, and sells natural wine and craft beer for in-store consumption and takeout. They strive to make each cup distinctively remarkable by offering a variety of high-quality coffee and brewing techniques. Everything done here, including the coffee, bread, cuisine, wine, dessert, and service, reflects that taste.

They provide two or three options from constantly rotating roasters with espresso coffee. Additionally, they also have a rotating beer selection that includes filter coffees from roasters throughout the globe. A daily selection of sweet pies and cakes is available on their dessert menu. To see items like vegan cherry pie, pecan pie, chocolate cream pie, salted caramel apple pie, cookie dough pie, banana cream pie, vegan salted chocolate pie, and many more, visit Idle Hand Cafe.

They have delicious meals and coffee. At idle hands, you can’t go wrong. The pies are a tasty change from the typical cafe food. They also offer the most fantastic breakfast range and an incredible range of pies and desserts. One of Manchester’s most excellent coffees can be found there. Its very spacious coffee shop with a very relaxing atmosphere is an ideal place for you to come along with family or friends or even alone.

Moose Coffee

In 2006, Moose Coffee was established. It is a proudly independent family cafe. The idea originated from a love of the great American breakfast culture, which is best illustrated by the cafes and eateries of New York City. Their goal is to offer a simple short-order menu, breakfast, and brunch experience with American and Canadian influences.

The brunch menu offers a selection of nicely piled sandwiches and a new specialty board. In addition to using high-quality products, they ethically obtain their food and coffee. Some of their areas of expertise a must-try dish are the New York Moose, also known as eggs benedict, the Caboose, a dish of handmade cheese pancakes with bacon and free-range eggs, and the Liberty Moose. And for those with a sweet craving, have fresh buttermilk pancakes, french toast on a stick, or maple syrup-drenched waffles. Enjoy a variety of cold beverages and their own Moose mix espresso coffee.

The cuisine is exquisite and beautifully prepared. All the employees made customers feel welcome; they were attentive, pleasant, and professional. It is one of the busiest cafes; thus, a reservation would be necessary. This cafe’s wide selection of cuisine is one of its most excellent qualities. Secondly, this restaurant is very close to Manchester Picadilly Station, which is ideal if you need to grab a meal or coffee before or after your journey. This is the perfect cafe if you want an American-Canadian breakfast right here in Manchester.

Federal Cafe

In 2014, Claudio and Emily opened Federal Cafe and succeeded in forming a group of like-minded souls who are enthusiastic about delicious coffee and fantastic brunch. They use the finest ingredients and produce as much as possible on the premises, which they check daily for freshness and quality. These ingredients are all sourced from sustainable independent local suppliers.

They have two cafe premises in Manchester, one in Northern Quarter and the other in Deansgate. As they are such a small and busy venue, they operate on a walk-in-only basis at all times. This way, they ensure that everyone gets the chance to walk up and enjoy the Fed experience, no booking required, without being turned away. Although the restaurant is bustling and cozy, the staff always makes time for each and every customer, whether it be to welcome them, check on their tables, engage in small chats, or express their gratitude for their business. They have a very lovely and friendly workforce.

Before noon, they serve breakfast, followed by an all-day brunch with a good selection of items in addition to sandwiches. They feature a wide selection of beverages, including coffee, loose tea leaves, beer, natural wine, and other hot drinks. When it comes to serving their customers, If the coffee is made incorrectly, they make it again since the customer must always be satisfied. It would be best if you visited the Federal café to have a pleasant and welcome experience. If you are in Manchester’s North Quarter or Deansgate, this would be the ideal café for you under the category of coffee shops near me.

19 Cafe Bar Manchester

They are an independent breakfast and brunch establishment providing all your favorites, including pancake stacks, eggs benny, and full Englishes, seven days a week in the heart of Manchester’s city center and just a few minutes from Piccadilly Gardens. 19 Cafe bar is the ideal location for a filling breakfast pit stop or a stylishly late brunch.

At 19, They pride themselves on utilizing only the freshest products, including locally sourced sausages and coffee from Heart and Graft. They will continue to provide the classics like the traditional English breakfast, eggs benedict, and stacks of pancakes, but they will always bring new intriguing specialties for you to enjoy. To see what is available, keep an eye on their specials board. When you visit 19 Cafe bar, you will undoubtedly receive excellent service and a substantial serving.

This fantastic Cafe in Manchester is for those who love brunch. There is something for everyone, from their English breakfast, eggs benedict, and stacks of pancakes to Ice latte to cappuccino to various wines. There is usually a line to enter, but there is a good reason for it because the cuisine is fantastic and reasonably priced. The setting is lovely, and the staff is welcoming and helpful. Because they value customer loyalty so highly, they work tirelessly to provide you with the most satisfactory possible experience.


Now that more people are aware of the specialty coffee market, they are open to trying different flavors in their daily brew. Cities like Manchester have burst with locations to satisfy the need for premium coffee. Look no further if you’re spending a weekend in Manchester or are a resident here and searching for a fast caffeine fix, a decent place to work, or a lovely brunch location. These five cafes are our best take on the cafes that come under the category of best coffee shops near me.

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